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Learn The Secrets That The Best Vape Shop Owners Use To Attract, Capture & Retain Their Ideal Customer, Then Turn Them Into Raving Fans
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A Series Of 3 Online Training Workshops For Vape Shop Owners
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Join Our LIVE Training Where We teach You How To Use Google Business Pages, Local SEO, Email Marketing, SMS Texting, Coupons & Loyalty Programs To Multiply Your Shop's Sales.
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Norm Bour
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eCommerce Coach
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Jasper Blake
Co-Founder of the Time Traders Club - a skills and knowledge trading site for Solopreneurs.
Meredith Eisenberg
Co-founder of The Magic Marketing Machine..
Just 10 Seats Available
There Are Only Three PROVEN Ways To Grow A Vape Shop
You can be in any industry, any country, and even on another planet - there are certain concepts that apply to any business.

The vape industry is no different.

Sadly, many first-time and veteran vape shop owners still have never heard of these basic, proven concepts. 

While the vape industry is brand new, It doesn't mean we have to reinvent the business wheel. We can use the same tactics that have grown businesses since the dawn of commerce

In other words, business is business is business...

Here Are The Three Ways To Grow Any Business:
  • Get More Customers: Every customer is worth a certain amount of revenue to your business. It makes sense that increasing customers will increase revenue. But how do you get more customers? More awareness = more customers. Your vape shop can increase awareness by being easily found on Google, Yelp and anywhere else your customers are looking for you. 
  • Increase Frequency Of Purchase: AKA "re-marketing". Your best customers are the ones that have already purchased from you, so you need to constantly be asking for the sale. Too many shop owners ignore this segment because they don't want to "bother" their regular customers. How do you increase frequency without bugging your customers? Customer retention activities like loyalty programs, coupons, raffles and referral programs help increase purchase frequency. 
  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV): Increasing AOV means getting more revenue from each transaction. This can be the most difficult metric to change, but it's also one of the most critical. Capturing customer information so you can upsell or cross sell is the best way to increase AOV.
"The #1 program you don't want your competitors seeing!"
Steve Kane
Just 10 Seats Available
We've Packaged These Concepts Into An Easy-To-Implement Class For Vape Shop Owners
We're calling it a Brick & Mortar Marketing Accelerator. It's an online workshop made specifically for vape shop owners looking to grow and scale their business. These concepts are proven by expert business owners across the world, we guarantee you'll see results if you implement these tactics. No longer will you have to guess when your next sale will be!
3 Core Pillars To Vape Shop Growth
Lesson 1
80% of brick and mortar sales start with a web search. If you are not ranking well locally, and you don't have good reviews, you are losing sales.  
We are going to show you how to:
  •  Setup and manage your Google My Business account and Yelp account so customers find you.
  • Obtain high-quality reviews on Google and Yelp to increase your clout.
  • Expand your search engine rankings so you show up for important local search terms. 
Lesson 2
Every new customer has an average value that you can calculate.  A customer's average value increases by about 50-60% on a monthly basis if they opt into an SMS marketing list. 
We are going to show you how to:
  •  Incentivize your customers to opt in to your marketing list.
  • Use email templates and text messages to continually reach out to your customers to get them coming back again and again. 
  • Execute monthly drawings, raffles, and special coupon events to attract new customers into your marketing list.
Lesson 3
It takes far less effort to keep a customer once acquired than it does to find a new one. Increasing your customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 25-95%
We are going to show you how to:
  • Implement a proactive sales system that predicts when a customer will purchase and sends communications out at the exact right time.
  • Plan and provide the perfect coupons and promotions that your customers cannot resist. 
  • Properly setup loyalty schemes that turn casual customers into raving fans. 
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  • Save 50% Vs A-La-Carte Pricing
  • Full Email Support During The Entire Accelerator
  • Lifetime Membership Into VapeMasters
  • Invitation To A Special Post-Event Mastermind
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All Three Course
Attend All Three Courses
  • Save 50% Vs A-La-Carte Pricing
  • Full Email Support During The Entire Accelerator
  • Lifetime Membership Into VapeMasters
  • Invitation To A Special Post-Event Mastermind
Here's What People Are Saying About Our Training:
"We already have customers returning from our communications (SMS message offering a BOGO e juice to lost customers who have not been in the store for over 90 days)"
Damian Barth
Electric Clouds
"We now have automated social media posts and have started implementing rewards program."
Mike Otis
Vapor Loft KC
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